Accessible Audiometric and Health Services at your Workplace

Noise has been described as an undesired sound. While its dangerous effects on hearing has been recognized for more than 250 years, it is only within the last decade where the current industry has taken deliberate actions against noise destructive issues. As a result, there are government standards that regulate allowable noise exposure among occupational industries – hence, mandating the availability of industrial audiometry services for employers and employees.

Industrial audiometry

Industrial audiometry

Why are industrial audiometry tests important?

For operations where daily noise exposure shifts evidently from one day to the next, an employer should carry out relevant procedures to lessen the risk of deafness or hearing loss – thus, requiring accessibility of health surveillance to the workforce including preventive industrial audiometric testing and hearing checks.

The main purpose of such test is to ascertain those who might have a problem related to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This is also to provide early diagnosis of any hearing loss due to noise and to aid in the safeguarding of employees’ hearing.

What is NIHL?

Generally, the human speech ranges from 500 to 3000 Hz. Sounds we regularly hear in our environment – such as those coming from television, household applicances, and traffic – are within the safe levels. However, frequencies beyond the given range are described in audiometric terms as ‘high frequencies’. So, any hearing loss brought by these frequencies is known as High Frequency Hearing Loss – with NIHL as a good example. In NIHL, both ears are usually affected – more or less equally.

NIHL is a permanent hearing impairment, which is caused by prolonged or one-time exposure to high levels of noise such as explosion or noise generated in a woodworking shop. That being said, it is crucial to know that even when high noise levels are instantaneous – they can still be threatening.

It is also important to consider other determinants that cause NIHL. While social, accidental, and occupational exposure to noise are significantly great factors to take into account – genetic, health, and lifestyle can also accelerate hearing problems.

Who can perform audiometric tests?

Industrial audiometry testing or screening can be performed by an occupational health professional such as an occupational health nurse or an audiologist. The registered healthcare practitioner (RHP) should be a competent individual – evidently shown by his/her training, experience, and knowledge.

Although it is ideal for the RHP to gain a qualification in occupational medicine, it is not always the case. Thus, it is recommended for the RHP to have a qualification – either in occupational health and industrial audiometry or preferably both – to carry out the procedure.

Who to contact?

Australasian Safety Services is an occupational health hygiene and safety consultancy, which is staffed with qualified audiologists and trained personnel who can provide audiometric testing and a complete range of other on-site health and safety services for a wide range of clients throughout Australasia.

Some of their industrial medical services include sonomax sonofit system, respirator fit testing, occupational hygiene and environmental monitoring, infection control training, and so much more.

Australasian Safety Services’ professionals also have comprehensive understanding and wide exposure in terms of hygiene risks within the mining, oil and gas, aviation, maritime, transport, and manufacturing industries.

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Get the most genuine leads with

Are you looking for ways to find more customers for your home business? You might have read that cold calling can be a way to get new customers. What they do not inform you is that cold calling is very demanding and mostly you are bombarded with negative responses. To get more positive responses you need professional cold callers who use the unique call my leads approach to help you get the positive leads only. This will help you avoid wasting time calling people who are not interested in your service. As they call your leads, you will have more time on your hands to focus on other areas of your business.

Call my leads

Call my leads

Why use called leads for your business?

It is more challenging to call leads on your own: Calling leads is a demanding job. If you are no professional cold caller, it is best if you sacrificed some cash so that the service can get you only the positive leads. These leads will be looking forward to getting that call from you and knowing more about your business which will go a long way in helping you grow it.

You reduce time wastage: Network marketing lead calling services will give you only the positive leads helping you manage your business more efficiently. You do not waste any time calling uninterested parties.  Calling a positive lead is more motivating for you since you know that the lead is interested in your home business and would be willing to use your service.

You are able to build a relationship with your leads:  When you call your positive leads you start a relationship with them which can lead to them wanting to use your service. This is beneficial to your business since you will be able to know what they want. You will then package your business appropriately.

Why let call my leads?

1.       They are experienced: has been in the home business lead calling sector for more than 20 years. You are guaranteed positive leads within the shortest time possible. The leads will also lead to the growth of your home business.

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Australian MLM leads: getting your home business to the next level

Network marketing your home business can be a real challenge especially if no one has ever heard about your kind of business. You need to get your name out there and to the potential customers. You cannot afford to waste time doing blind cold calling so as to get the customers since it can really drain you emotionally and also economically.  At Australian MLM Leads they omit the hassle of blind cold calling and give you leads guaranteed to help your home business thrive. Getting leads from Apache Leads Australia will help you in the following simple straight-forward ways:

Australian MLM Leads

Australian MLM Leads

o   Marketing yourself is so much easier with leads since they have been tried and tested. This Australia Leads company double checks every lead to ensure that it matches your chosen criteria.

o   Time to do marketing is reduced exponentially and since you run the business from home you hardly have the time to dedicate all your time to do network marketing. Since Australian MLM leads understand this they help you by ensuring the lead is credible.

o   You will grow your business to greater heights as leads will help you get more work done and more people will know that your service exists.

Australia MLM Leads are the most suitable for your business leads needs due to the following reasons:

Guaranteed leads: As a client you can be sure that you will get value for your money since the leads are credible and will turn into viable business opportunities. This is because they are called and interviewed to determine whether they can be good business opportunities.

Wealth of Experience in the leads business: As a client you can trust the services of Apache Leads Australia since they have been doing it since 1995. This is to show you they know what they are doing and that the leads they give are credible enough.

Incredible Reviews from previous clients: Many previous customers have often praised the services they were offered at Apache Leads Australia. This is to show you that they are good at what they do and their customers can prove it which should help potential clients have confidence in them.

Affordable Rates: At Apache Leads Australia they have leads for every budget. No matter how much money you have they will help you get those leads so as to help you grow your business. Anyone subscribed to their mailing list automatically gets a 20per cent discount on all leads.

Personalized Services for All: Apache Leads Australia value their customers and they handle every client contact promptly. They are also simple and honest since they know clients need services that are as transparent as possible.

Training and business knowledge: At Apache Leads they inform the customers that the leads will not help them unless they know how to use them and contact them in the most appropriate way. This is why they provide clients with training and learning material to help them grow their businesses and also have knowledge of their markets.

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Get Your Family A Nice Quality Second Hand Piano In Sydney

If you have intense love for music and desire to know how to play the piano, then definitely you’d wish to own one in your lifetime. Having your own piano will make it easier for you to learn how to play it as you will have liberty to determine practise times. Piano City is an Australian business that concerns itself with the sale of pianos to different people of varying needs. As a matter of fact, if your budget does not allow you to spend a lot on a piano, Piano City readily avails second hand pianos Sydney customers can get.

second hand pianos Sydney

second hand pianos Sydney

With Piano City, you can keep your spending at minimum and get a piano which is still in very good condition. Later, you can sell it off to the same company when you need something a little grander and make decent cash in the process.

How to choose second hand pianos in Sydney

For you to get a piano that will serve you well and last a long while, you need to know the features to look out for in used pianos in Sydney. You need to observe the following factors before selecting the appropriate piano:

  1.  Choose a piano that has the ideal musical tone as well as key touch that you are in need of. Pianos vary in the kind of sound they produce and it is important to determine what will be best for your family given real intentions for making the purchase. Piano City stocks a wide range of used pianos and you are at liberty to sample the ones that you have set your eyes on.
  2. The style and finish of the piano. Ultimately, you can use the piano not just for your family’s music practice sessions, but to add sophistication to your room décor as well. Thus, it is important that you select one that will complement the interior of the room in which it will be placed. Piano City duly refurbishes used pianos so that you get your ideal choice in the best possible shape.
  3. Both the action and keyboard ought to be in good shape. If these components of the piano are worn out, it may be difficult for a beginner student to master what is expected to do. The hammer of the action should not have immense signs of wear as this is usually an indication of the overall condition of the instrument.
  4. The strings of the piano are also a good site for you to perform a scrutiny of the instrument. When the strings are rusty or otherwise appear to be worn, the sound that the instrument will produce may not be satisfactory.
  5. When buying preowned pianos in Sydney, be sure to ask about the piano stool because lack of it might just dent your budget further.

Piano City is a family owned business that aims at giving you a memorable experience during your search for ideal second hand pianos Sydney offers. To have your questions about these second hand instruments answered, call them at 02-9689-1181. Alternatively, you can learn more about their second hand pianos Sydney services on

How Budget Kerbing WA is Changing the Face of Business Premises in Australia

Budget Kerbing WA is offering wonderful solutions to businesses looking to improve their professional appearances and building strong aesthetic appeal of their premises. Through their concrete kerbing WA services a lot of shopping centers, insurance companies, restaurant chains and service stations among other commercial institutions have created great impression and attracted a lot of business prospects.

Budget Kerbing WA

Budget Kerbing WA

Having been in the curbing industry since 1995, Budget Kerbing WA has close to twenty years’ experience in a trade that has seen a majority of startup companies barely making it past their 5th anniversary. It takes quality service, neat work and a great team to be able to offer services to Western Australia residents for that while.

What sets Budget Kerbing WA apart from other companies?

The company has a great portfolio. Having successfully completed over 15 schools playground projects and played a big role in high profile contracts such as;

·         Landscape kerbing at the Rockingham railway

·         Curbing at Burswood casino

·         Gardening edging at the Belmont and Victoria Par

·         The DME Contracting’s Champions Lakes development

This shows the level of quality they have and their success rate in the industry.

In addition to their competitiveness, Budgetkerbing uses high grade cement mixers that are able to produce top notch excellent curbs with vibrant colors, well defined shapes and are very durable. Once kerbing is finished companies won’t have to worry about getting repairs soon, as the kerbing will last for a long time.

How kerbing gives a stylish professional look for your business

To maximize the curb appeal of your commercial premises, all you have to do is spare some time, some investment and leave the hard work to the company.

There are lots of styles, design, color and sizes to choose from that you think will improve your brand image as well as impress visitors to your property. You can choose colors that match with your company shades, find a style that suits your landscape and have a unique design that will set you apart from other premises.

Some of the areas that kerbing helps in highlighting and enhancing their looks include;

Parking lots

The parking lot can use at least two kerbing designs; normal kerbing to cover the area then colored concrete kerbings to mark out parking spaces.


Beautifully done walkways excite visitors and make them feel welcomed. Pathways can feature different styles and color or custom messages such as welcome or exit.

Garden edging

Have an outdoor lounge with the premise? Or do you have trees and flowers around the landscape? Concrete kerbing brings out the beauty of these areas as it allows curves, contours and turns to enhance the landscape. Moreover, it helps in keeping the space clean from rocks and dust.

The value that you get from concrete kerbing your business is much more than the little money you will part with. The price worth mentioning is the beauty, cleanliness and impacts the kerbing makes to the professional look of your company. Request for a quote today and make the right investments. To know more about us, visit

Excellent Techniques in Driveway Construction For the Perfect Home

The driveway is the home entrance and as such must be handled with the care and attention it needs. The physical look is considered as a reflection of the owners, their way of life and an indication of what to expect in the interior. The choice of the driveway is largely dependent on various factors but mainly the target budget and the climatic conditions of the area. Bitumen driveways are much favored because they have a cost advantage and are able to withstand varying weather conditions.

Advantages of Asphalt

There are other materials, which can be used in driveways construction including concrete and gravel. However, before going for the others, it is important to consider the benefits of bitumen driveways. These include;

  • Durable Driveway. They have a lifetime of approximately twenty years before replacement is required. This happens when a good foundation is done in terms of surface compacting and provisions for drainage. Another factor of longevity is that asphalt has a higher ability to handle high-temperature fluctuations without cracking, as it is flexible.
  • Affordable. Asphalt driveways are much more affordable with the surface protection compared to concrete, which is more expensive. According to various sources, the bitumen surface goes for approximately $2 – $5 per square foot, while a concrete one, giving the same value will go for much more than this but deliver the same life span.
  • Aesthetic Appeal. Beautiful patterns can be applied in the surface and can as well be rhymed with other decorative elements of the landscape.
  • Easily Utilized. Asphalt type of driveway can be used as soon as construction is finished while other types require a curing duration before usage begins.
  • Low Maintenance. Repair of the surface is possible and should be handled by experts to ensure good finish is obtained. Cracked asphalt must be repaired quickly to prevent penetration of water to the base, which can lead to faster deterioration.

Factors To Consider in Choosing Bitumen Driveways

Before making the final choice, several factors must be considered. Asphalt paving services Melbourne undertakes include the analysis of items such as;

  • The general slope of the land where the drive is intended;
  • What drainage considerations need to be put in place;
  • Compatibility of the existing drainage to the new construction
  • Expected traffic on the driveway such as the weight of the vehicles and the rate of usage
  • The type of finish that will be used to give a great appearance.
  • After this analysis, guidance is provided on the best material to use and the budget for each option for you to make a good decision.

Various types of edging can be used such as bricks, pavers or other styles. analyses your needs and budget for the driveway or even asphalt car parks and offer you a personalized and affordable quote for your needs. With continued endeavor for excellence in quality, driveway asphalting Melbourne offers have never been better than today. There is a great focus on the durability of your construction and so thorough attention is given to deliver outstanding and durable driveway.


Learn more about Bitumen Driveways here-

The Allure of the Studio Office Space

For most of the Brisbane businesses, the studio office space is the new trend. These office spaces allow the business owners to cut down on the costs of doing business considerably but they can also be used as innovative event spaces. If you need some prestigious address for your small business that will provide you with optimal networking opportunities, then this is the way to go.

The studio office space will allow you to have an address where you can conduct professional business while still keeping the costs under the lid. With professional office studio hire Brisbane services, you can have access to all the amenities that you need to conduct successful business without having to invest in the business infrastructure. For example, you can access the facilities such as the conference rooms and even a professional meeting atmosphere where you can have a relaxing and respectable atmosphere to conduct business with your clients. The studio office spaces are generally equipped with various technologies that you can use to support your business such as high-speed broadband and video conferencing facilities.

studio office spaceThese kinds of virtual office spaces are generally ideal for the small companies. They also suit freelancers and other people who run their businesses from home but are interested in transitioning into a low-cost professional business environment really well. For the small business owner, this is an opportunity to control the costs while still having the flexibility to expand the business in the near future.

By renting the studio office space, you will be able to reap all the advantages that you get by having an office address as well as cutting-edge office communications infrastructure without the need to incur the costly investments of setting up an office. There are other benefits that you get such as professional networking and an opportunity to share ideas with like-minded people.

Here are other advantages why the studio office spaces have such an allure for many start-up entrepreneurs and many business people:

Add a Reputation to Your Business: A lot of customers prefer buying from a business that has a physical address. Your home cannot be a physical address for your business. The studio spaces in Brisbane such as Lightspace provide with a reputable and professional address for business where even mails can be sent.

Virtual assistant: In some studio spaces, you can even get virtual assistants to assist you in your day-to-day business.

Professional meeting rooms and function Brisbane spaces: You can get on-demand access to conference and meeting rooms where you can hold various kinds of functions including the engagement venues Brisbane options if you are looking for something unique for that special day.

Some spaces are even more innovative and can extend the studio office spaces or function venues to include even more services that support your business and events. Studio spaces are the new trends in modern work. They create opportunities for networking and innovation while also helping your business to cut down on costs. You will have all the advantages of a traditional office without the need to invest in an actual office. To find out more, check out

Getting that perfect hairstyle

hairdressers st albans

Each and every person loves to have a good hairstyle.  Having a good hairstyle means getting it done by professionals who have gone through a special training for hairdressing.  Many hairdressers style your hair according to your desired look. The hairdressers St Albans have are professional hair stylists who are trained to handle different types of styles.  Having your hair done can involve various things such as  getting it cut to your preferred length, coloring, and styling. Hence, an experienced hairdresser is what you need to get the job done.

 Have hairstyles done for different occasions

 There are many different types of  hairstyles that you can get done for different occasions. Hairdressers St Albans always do a style for you according to the shape of your face and what suits your personal style. The different styles of hair  can also include adding color to your hair or correcting it. Most of these colors are chosen according to the skin tone of the person.  For instance, bronde hair colour  suits different skin tones.  The type of hair can be long or short. It all depends on the preference of the customer who is getting their hair done.

The hairdo is done according to the occasion too. Some are done for special occasions such as weddings and  birthday parties. The bridal hair Herts   can be done according to the  type of veil  or tiara.  Another occasion  can be a fashion shoot. Hairdressers St Albans has, make your hair  depending on the  shoot that you are going to have.  The shoot can either be commercial or a studio  shoot. In events such as a St Albans fashion week,  different models  get their hair done by stylists. However, one thing worth noting is that the rates, which the hair stylists charge depend on  the type of hairdo that is being done to you.  For instance, when it comes to cutting and styling, the hair stylist can charge you 30  US dollars. To restyle and finish they may charge 35 US  dollars. Ladies wash plus finish is usually  from 20 US dollars.

Furthermore, there is usually a package for children and men. Mens cut and finish usually starts from  20 US dollars, while  children’s cut starts at 10 US dollars. There are those who love to style their hair for a party at night. The rates for such styling usually starts from 35 US dollars. When it comes to coloring, rates do vary. There are those who prefer to color their heads half way and others full.  All these have the different rates.  For a full head color one may have to pay around 55 dollars, while for the half head, around 45 US dollars.

Reasons to have your hair done and styled

There are  many reasons why you should always have your hair done or styled. Having a hairdo increases your confidence  and makes you feel better about yourself.  Another reason may include getting a bad hair day handled. Each one of us has those bad hair days. Having a hairdo gets you feeling refreshed and good about your hair.

So why not let a hair stylist near you, make you look stunning with those amazing hairdos? Get it done today!!! For more information visit at

Making Time For Time To Get Everything Done

Ever got the feeling that time is running on ahead and you are playing “catch-up”? Ever found yourself wondering why the day could not have had a couple of extra hours? It happens to almost all of us at some point in our lives and it does not matter whether you are a teenager, an office-goer, a homemaker, business executive, airline professional and pretty much anything other worker. The point is, we run out of time. We run out of time simply because one, most take time for granted and two, lack of time management. Time management training then becomes a very integral part of our lives. It is the one course that must be done irrespective of your line of work.

The first thing to learn about time is that it marches on unhindered and unconcerned. It’s quite disgusting really, the way time cocks-a-snook at us mortal folk trying so hard to keep up. But there are ways of making time work for you. There are ways of ensuring that you pack in a substantial amount of work within the time given and time need not be the bogeyman it seems to be. Learning to organize your daily routine in a way that soon it becomes a habit is one way to do it and Time management training teaches you just that and more.

At New Horizons Learning Center, the time management courses focus on teaching effective time management. The one reason you run out of time is because of lack of organization in your day to day activities. There has to be routine, discipline and prioritizing in your schedule before you pencil in meetings, appointment and other things.

Let’s start with routine. There are some things that have to be done on a daily basis barring none. Get these in order of priority and ensure they get done, either via delegation or by yourself. This is where discipline becomes very important because if you get complacent, time triumphs. Next is prioritizing. Time management training teaches you all about prioritizing in your place of work. There is little room for mistakes in the corporate world and one tiny slip-up could have appalling results.

Offices need time scheduling to ensure productivity. There are a lot of things interdependent on each other and missing a step might lead to a domino effect of problems. Procrastination has its own pitfalls so this is to be avoided at all costs. Proper time management will ensure that you have no time to procrastinate simply because your time table does not cater for it. Ergo, job done.

With effective time management training you will find that even when faced with a crisis, your time organization allows you time to deal with it, without losing time.

This approach holds true, not only for professionals, but also for homemakers. They too have a multitude of jobs waiting to get done and in most cases multi-tasking is the only way out.

Time management will teach you effective multi-tasking so that work gets done on time and every time.

Triumph over time with effective time management. A time management training course can provide you with the essential information you need to manage your time and use it efficiently.

What is Java EE Programming?

Java EE refers to the Java Platform Enterprise Edition and it is the standard in the industry when it comes to the community driven enterprise software. The software has been developed through the Java Community Process with the help of various industry experts, open source organizations, commercial organizations, the various Java User Groups and many other countless individuals and organizations. The Java EE programming course is designed for users who want to take their mastery of Java to a whole new level so that they can become indispensable software developers.

By mastering Java EE programming, you will develop the requisite skills that will help you utilize this lightweight Java web profile in order to build the next generation of web applications. This training program is the best way to open pathways for yourself for success as a software developer.

Java EE programmingThe Java EE programming course is targeted at students who already have a good knowledge of Java programming. In order to for this coursework to be effective, you will also need to be familiar with areas such as web application programming as well as servlets and JSPs.

An Overview of the Java EE Programming Course

This programming course is the best starting point for any Java EE developer out there who wants to learn about the servlets and JSPs. It includes various programming topics which are specific to the Java Servlets and the Java Server Pages or the JSPs. In this course work, you will cover all the basics of the Java EE. But you will also touch on some of the advanced topics of the Java EE programming. These include areas such as the following:-

·         JDBC

·         JavaBeans

·         The JSP Standard Tag Library

·         The Model, View, Controller or MVC

In addition to these, you will get to cover some of the more advanced Java EE Programming concepts like the security, annotations as well as the Java Server Faces.

Some Prerequisites for undertaking the Java EE Programming Course

To undertake this course, you need to have some coding experience and must also have undertaken the Java SE Introductory and Advanced courses. It is generally preferred that you also have some web programming experience when you are undertaking this course program.

The Introduction to the Java EE programming course will take you five days. It is the best starting point for the Java developers and you will acquaint yourself with various skills that have been discussed above in detail.

The Advanced Java EE course will take duration of 5 days too. Some of the concepts that the students will be introduced to include the following:-

·         The Enterprise JavaBeans or EJBs

·         Ability to work with the complex entity relationships

·         You will learn to differentiate between the stateless and the stateful session beans

·         You will learn how to use the Java EE Tools in the Eclipse WTP.

·         Learn how to use the message-driven beans

·         Learn how to manipulate data including inserting, retrieving and updating of data.

·         Learn about the use of the EJB 3 design patterns

·         Learn the JPA QL