Buying the Best Stone Crabs in South Florida

Looking for something to serve your visitors on a special get-together? You should check out what Billy’s Stone Crabs have to offer. They do not only serve the best stone crabs in their restaurant, but you can also buy fresh seafood from their market. If you are not sure which to prepare, then check out your options below.

Introducing, Florida’s Freshest Crabs

Even though Florida stone crabs are harvested in the Atlantic Ocean, they can also be found in the Gulf of Mexico. The warm waters of the Gulf coast make the crab’s meat tinder that is why Billy’s is one of the most visited places in South Florida for their fresh seafood.

Billy’s Stone Crabs is known to be Florida Stone Crabs for its fresh and top-quality products, both at their market and restaurant. They pride themselves on the elegant dining that every customer gets to experience. For sure you are in for a special treat whether you choose to dine-in or have a takeout and enjoy your premium crabs at home.

‘Tis The Seasons for Stone Crabs

Every year, stone crabs season starts around mid-October and lasts until the first of May the following year. And outside the season, it is illegal to harvest Florida stone crabs. That is why seafood lovers can’t wait to enjoy fresh stone crabs all throughout the summer because they know that they will get the freshest harvest of the season.

The crabs are sustainably harvested. Usually, they easily lose their claws when they are trying to escape from predators or when they go in tight spaces. This means that when they are harvested, they are never hurt. And only the claws are harvested while their bodies are returned to the water. The claws regrow over time, usually in 12 months’ time, and they will be harvested again once they are the standard size.

Billy’s Stone Crab Best Menu

If you are sold to order from Billy’s Stone Crab restaurant, then you need to know which are their best-sellers. Since it’s the stone crab season, you should also check out their seasonal, local favorites. You can try their chilled stone crab with the signature mustard sauce on the side, King Crabs, Stone Crab Claws, and Stone Crabs All You Can Eat.

Buying The Best Stone Crabs

When buying crab claws at Billy’s online, you can pick from the different sizes depending on your preference and budget. They come in medium, large, jumbo, and colossal sizes. Prizes also differ depending on the size of the crab claws. So if you want to know what Billy’s Stone Crabs have to offer, go ahead and contact them anytime to make a reservation at their oceanside restaurant, or if you want to order their fresh seafood.



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