Integrated washbasins and materials used

Let’s take a step back: the take-off of this environment is undoubtedly marked by the new standards , which have guaranteed everyone, or almost everyone, since the 1960s, a private bathroom.Hence the need for a personalized space, which varies according to the time we spend inside: there are those who use it as a private living room , some as a place of passage and those who are held in half bathroom ideas in salt lake city, ut.

Showers that become rooms

But let’s talk about design: even at the last Salone del Mobile in Milan the showers are enlarged to reflect requests, often transforming entire walls into real sensory cabins.The  spacious shower  becomes a priority, on the other hand who would not like to take a dip in a space that pleases the eye, as well as the body? If the floor permits (must come to terms with the floor, during demolition), the dishes shower flush with the floor are certainly impressive and combine well to glass plates ultrawhite , supertrasparente, no leads, guides or rubber , or drainage channels on the wall, perimeter or embedded in the floor.

There are many brands that push solutions to create innovative and customized to meet the needs, but soprattutti the tastes of those who love style sauna effect  hotellerie .

In the case of a shower embedded in the attic, the floor surface must be abundant to prevent water from escaping.

More and more suspended

Whether it is bathroom furniture or sanitary ware, the trend is to no longer have them on the ground, but to lift them to make the space more free,  extended and easy to clean. As for the world of sanitary ware , well, arm yourself with time and patience, as it is a constantly expanding market, which offers many different models, suitable for all types of pockets.

I often suggest them to those with limited space , as they are generally shorter, and they are also more functional for cleaning and aesthetically more pleasing because they do not create visual interruptions on the floor.

Integrated washbasin, like in a Spa

It is another fundamental piece, which is identified however in a precise taste, typical of each of us: I never see great doubts about the choice: either you like it or you hate it. Of course, with its shape it defines a very precise impact, which varies from model to model.


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