Top Reasons to Choose IGCSE Curriculum

The IGCSE Singapore curriculum is very much like secondary school study of Singapore, only those students take Cambridge ‘O’ Level exams.  Cambridge IGCSE is a highly prominent exam across the world today.  The IGCSE Singapore is offered across the world and setting the benchmark for achievement, assessment, and recognition accepted by the international universities institutions as well as employers all over the world.

Why select IGCSE curriculum?

Because of availability of various streams, students and parents struggle when it comes to selecting the right curriculum and framework that can help their child to achieve better hold of academics and skills that will support them in the higher studies. Let us look at some highlights of the IGCSE Singapore that can help the parents to evaluate as well as plan their future study course for their kids in case they opt for this curriculum.

Traits of IGCSE Singapore:

  • Internationally recognized & viewed highly by the reputable universities across the world.
  • One of the most popular exams can be taken by the students all over the world, aged 14 to 16 years old.
  • They are highly flexible and allow students to select from more than 70 subjects.
  • Considered as the stepping stone for the students across world for a brighter future.

At an end of this course, students can go for an assessment. The assessment includes the practical & coursework component all along with the oral and written examination.

Why go for IGCSEs?

If you are looking for qualifications that help to open doors across the world, then IGCSE is the best choice for you. The IGCSEs are world’s popular international qualifications.  They’re your gateway for higher education and professional studies in the home country and overseas. They will help you:

  • To get place at your desired university abroad
  • Find much better career opportunities
  • Pass language tests for studying and emigrating in an international country*
  • To develop skills and help you lead the successful life

IGSCE knows that not all students have same levels of interest. Thus, they cater to various levels of abilities. The students can select to study at the core level or extended level.

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