Winter Pool Care Tips

Why do you need To Have a Swimming Pool in Your Compound?

The pools, whether above ground or in-ground, offer us infinite possibilities of pleasure. With additional info, it brings a lot of joy and happiness to everyone, so it is essential in every home.

Here are 6 main reasons why a pool is a must:

  1. Stay cool

Instead of shutting yourself in an air-conditioned room because it’s hot outside, you can go out, enjoy the summer, and stay cool in your pool water. Dial your friends’ numbers and let them join you in their group. Enjoy the summer and forget about all the reasons to stay in your room.

  1. Add curb appeal to your home

An in-ground or above-ground pool isn’t just a pile of water in your backyard. With its beautiful color and design, it can be a decoration for your home. It can serve as a relaxing and inviting place in your home with different waterfalls and other pool decorations and accessories from Intex. You see, just by looking at it you will feel more relaxed, and your friends will come again and again, not only because they want to swim, but also because they want to see how great your place is.

  1. Increase the value of your home

A recent study found that having your pool in your home increases the value of your home by up to 15%. It can also make your home more attractive, and if you ever drop it and want to sell, your potential buyers will be more attracted when you arrive.

decorate a pool during the holiday season

  1. Saving money

Although owning a pool is a bit expensive at first because you also need to buy consumables like Intex pool accessories, it is easier to finance than most people think. It is also not that expensive to maintain. Ultimately, you will find that having your pool is cheaper than going out and spending a costly vacation with your family. Also, it lasts a long time.

  1. Encourage family ties

Building a pool means creating a place of relaxation and fun for your family, especially for children. It also gives you time to spend more time together, even if you’re just in your backyard. Watching them play in the water, teaching them to swim, or just eating with them between swims is an excellent bond for them.

  1. The pleasure of a long life

A home pool is an excellent investment because, with proper care, it will last for many years. Yes, it can’t be used in winter, but when summer comes, all you have to do is remove the winter pool cover, clean it with Intex cleaners and accessories, and enjoy the water again! It cannot be compared to any vacation or movie date because it will all end. You, your friends and your family will enjoy the pool for a long time.

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