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The Best No-Frills Penguin Viewing Experience at Phillip Island

Sometimes all you want to do when visiting Melbourne is to go to Phillip Island and see the Penguin Parade. Obviously, there are tours available where you can go with several other people and visit several other locations on your way to see the penguins. But if the idea of stopping along with different destinations on your way to Penguin Parade doesn’t suit your fancy, contact this website: http://thelittlepenguinbus.com.au/. They will set up a trip that will take you straight to the penguins.

Day tours are not the enemy

Now, this is not to diminish the value or benefits of those organized day tours. Big day tours are there for a reason. Imagine this: thousands of tourists visit a particular region every year, some of them for the first time, and they are looking to see everything the place has to offer. However, they can only stay for the weekend or just overnight.

This is where the “day tour” comes in. A guided day tour is arguably the most efficient way to allow visitors to see most (if not all) of the most popular tourist spots in a town, city, or province. If not for them, thousands of tourists would leave frustrated, and the places that rely heavily on tourism for their economy would suffer greatly.

Just the penguins, thanks!

However, there comes a time when you’ve seen it all or are just to busy to spend hours stopping by every single tourist spot during a tour when you’re only interested in visiting just one specific place. In this case, you might be in Melbourne and only have one thing in mind: to go see the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island.

Now, signing up for a big day tour can be an expensive proposition. It also means having to sit on a bus and travelling from one place to another to see as many tourist spots as your guide can take you to. This can make you feel you’re just wasting your time and money when all you want is to go straight to Phillip Island for the penguins.

If you’ve been nodding your head while reading this and thinking, “Yes, this is what I wanted!” then you’ll be glad to know there are tours that offer exactly what you want. Take a look at this website: http://thelittlepenguinbus.com.au/ and see what they can do to help you out.

What’s so great about the Penguin Parade, anyway?

The Penguin Parade is a world-famous experience that only Australia can offer, and millions of visitors would happily agree. This is what happens during the parade: every day at Summerland Beach, just as the sun is starting to set in the evening sky, the fairy penguins that call Phillip Island their home swim up from the sea onto the beach. From there, they waddle their way across the sandy shores towards the dunes where they rest for the night.

Visitors to Phillip Island are treated to a magnificent view of the entire event, as the penguins’ route takes them straight from the sea to the beach and past the viewing platforms on their way to their burrows in the dunes. The location of these platforms afford the visitors an incredible up-close-and-personal viewing encounter like no other. For curious onlookers, rangers are always on hand to assist and answer any questions.

If you’re interested in enjoying this amazing experience for yourself, we suggest contacting the people at http://thelittlepenguinbus.com.au/ for a different, more convenient, and more affordable tour.

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How preventative maintenance can help keep your AC in tiptop condition

During the warmer months of the year, having an air-conditioning (AC) system is something you cannot do without. If you want your AC to last longer and to continue to work as it should, preventative maintenance is a must. Keeping your AC in tiptop condition can benefit you in many ways. This is why you need to find air conditioner servicing Brisbane homes trust with their preventative maintenance needs.

Here are some of the advantages you get when you choose to put your AC on a maintenance schedule:

Improves AC efficiency – When you choose to have your AC maintained by an air conditioner service Brisbane homes rely on, your AC works the way it should. You won’t have to continuously fiddle with the thermostat to get the kind of temperature that you want. A properly maintained AC works without taxing the individual parts of the system, making it work efficiently. If you don’t maintain your air-conditioning system, you end up with a unit that uses up a lot of energy just to keep your home cool.

Reduces energy bills – If your home’s AC is checked regularly by an air conditioner servicing Brisbane company for regular maintenance, you actually lower your energy bills. This is because your AC works as it should, without having to exert double the effort to cool your home. Click here Sun City Air Conditioning

If an AC is not maintained regularly, dirt tends to clog up the essential parts of your cooling unit. This, in turn, forces your AC to work twice as hard to keep your interiors cool. If your AC’s parts are always clean, there is no need for it to strain to cool your home.

Negates the need for costly repairs – When an AC is well-maintained, there is no need for costly repairs at all since your unit will continue to work as it did when it was first installed. No parts need to be replaced; no connections need to be fixed; and you won’t have to suffer the heat while waiting for someone to arrive to fix your AC.

You won’t need to contact an air conditioning repairs Brisbane too often to fix your busted AC unit.

What parts preventative maintenance takes care of

When you choose to have your AC maintained by professionals, like the air conditioner servicing Brisbane residents rely on for this, you invariably take care of the following AC parts:

  • AC filters – These need to be kept clean at all times to prevent the introduction of contaminants into your AC system. These help keep dust, dirt, and debris from entering vital parts of your AC. Keeping the AC filters clean will also help with proper air flow.
  • AC coils – Your AC’s coils also need some attention to help keep your AC from malfunctioning and overtaxing itself. They need to be cleaned on a schedule to prevent dirt from reducing airflow, insulating the coils, and making these unable to absorb heat.
  • Coil fins – The aluminium fins that are on your AC also need to be kept clean and in proper condition. When some of these become bent, a technician will use fin comb to get these back in place to prevent blocked airflow from happening.

Other parts that need regular care and can only be handled by an air conditioning service Brisbane residents trust with their ACs include the condensate drains, thermostat, wiring, and condensate line.

If you need help with your AC maintenance in Brisbane, the company to call is Sun City Air Conditioning. Aside from preventative maintenance, they also offer AC repairs and installation. They also service commercial ACs and can even help with proper ventilation design for your company.

Contact them via their email or visit their site, suncityair.com.au, for more information.

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Business Storage 101: Circumstances Under Which Your Business Might Need Self Storage Services

Sometimes you might be in need of temporary storage as you sort out some issues. In such times, it is only the storage units Melbourne firms have to offer that can guarantee you excellent and professional storage facilities. The choice of which type of storage to choose depends on the kind of goods or items that you wish to store and their quantities. You might be stranded not knowing what to do now that you want space just for some time. Well, don’t worry. These self-storage facilities are always there to ensure that you get the best and secure storage facilities. The Australian Financial Review report on March 30, 2017, indicated that people should choose a sufficient space for their goods to avoid compromise in quality.

storage units melbourne

When You Want Space to Keep Your House Things

Maybe you are looking for a new house, or your house has gotten an emergency and you want a place where you can store your things as you sort out your issues. The best option would be to hire the storage units Melbourne firms provide and ensure that you store your things until you are ready to pick them again. You can hire several spaces or a single space where all your things are going to stay in one room or space. Many of the self-storage facilities offer complete security to your things so you can be sure that no matter how long you stay, your precious things will still be safe.

When You Want to Goods to Stay Until Appropriate Time Comes

The fluctuating market trends could force you to source products early when their demand is low. In doing so, you would be targeting to use a little money to buy a lot of things so that you sell them at high prices and make supernormal profits. In such cases, an Altona North self storage facility can store and preserve your goods so that they stay fresh and viable until the time that you will be ready to use them. Make sure that you choose the storage unit has favorable conditions for your products so that they don’t spoil before the high demand time comes in. Click here Public Self Storage

When you are Travelling and You Want Your Precious Things to be Stored

Every item that belongs to you is important. But there are those things that are important and necessary besides being expensive. Such things deserve maximum care. For example, you cannot leave your Range Rover in the garage and you are traveling internationally for more than a week. You, therefore, need storage space Yarraville firms provide, if you live there, that can store your car and ensure that it stays safe until you return. This way it will be hard for thugs to get away with your car because it will be heavily protected until you return.

Features of the Best Storage Space to Book For

The first feature and perhaps the most important one is to ensure that the storage in Melbourne stores your goods without reducing in quality until you are ready to pick them again. The place should also be heavily guarded and located near major tarmac roads so that it becomes conducive for you to transport your goods whether during rain or the sunshine. Make sure that you hire the company with the best reputation so that you are sure your goods are landing in the perfect hands.

For more information on storage units Melbourne firms offer, visit https://www.publicselfstorage.com.au

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Painting Tips from Pros You Ought to Know

These days, the cost of repair and other maintenance tasks is growing sky high. No wonder most homeowners nowadays opt to do the repairs themselves just to save cash. It’s an advantage if you have the skills and the experience. Take, for example, you want to change the look of your kitchen but you don’t have enough cash to pay for a quality painter Melbourne has to offer. It’s great if you can paint the kitchen cabinets yourself, but what about those who have no skills in handling any home improvement tasks?

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, especially if you are really short on cash. However, if you want to update the look of your kitchen in a budget-friendly way, don’t attempt large projects yet. Everyone has to start from the basic before tackling complicated tasks. Painting your walls and ceilings is something that even amateurs can do. With the right tips and tricks from experts, you can definitely pull it off and transform the look of your home.

Take a look at these best-kept secrets that professional painters use. Not only will you transform the look of your home, you will also trick your guests that it was done by a professional.

1. Paint Your Trims First Before Ceilings and Walls. There is a certain order that a professional Melbourne quality painter follows. If you paint the trims first before ceilings and walls, you can easily tape them off when it’s time for you to paint the ceilings and then walls. Taping off the wall is an absurd idea so start with the trims, let them dry before taping them off. This will ensure that you will have a clean, no-mess professional look once you are finished.

2. Mix Several Cans of Paint for Consistency. The labels may state that they are the colours you want, however, it is possible to have a slight colour difference. You don’t want to stop painting in the middle of the wall just to open a new can of paint. The next can might have a slightly darker or lighter shade than the previous one. To prevent this from happening, mix all colours in a five-gallon bucket so you will have a consistent colour throughout the whole room. If you want to get quality results, you can always hire quality painter Melbourne has today. Click here Living Coulours

3. Allow the Paint to Dry Before Removing the Tape. On the first step, you have taped the trims to have a tidy paint job after. Your trims are protected and will not have a spot of colour, thanks to the painter’s tape. If you pull the tape off from the trim without cutting the edges, you might tear pieces of dried paint off the wall. This will look messy. To keep it consistently mess-free, wait until the wall paint dries up before you grab a knife. Using the knife, cut the tape lose for a perfect edge.

4. Use High-Quality Brushes, Painter’s Tape and Roller Covers. You want to ensure that your paint project comes out as professional as possible. That is why it is recommended to get the top of the line brushes, tape, and roller covers. If you have to invest in great paint, you don’t want them to go to waste by using low-quality products. If you want excellent coverage, go for high-end brushes, rollers and painter’s tape. On the other hand, if you find this task too time-consuming, contact a quality painter Melbourne has today to do it for you.

5. Paint from Top to Bottom. Before you use the rollers, make sure to paint the edges with a brush. This will serve as your mark and help protect your trims from having spots of paint. When using the paint rollers, start from top to bottom. Once the area is dry, leave it alone for a while until it is dried enough for a second coat. Take note, it is not recommended to paint over a slightly dried pain as it can leave lap marks or streaks.

The abovementioned are just a few of the many ways you can work like a quality painter in Melbourne. The next time you want to update the look of your home, start by painting. It is not very expensive but is one of the best ways to bring fresh life to your room. Having the same wall colour can be boring, but painting your walls can also refresh your outlook and give you a brand new perspective. You can also visit http://www.livingcolours.net.au/ if you want to find quality painter Melbourne has these days.