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The Best No-Frills Penguin Viewing Experience at Phillip Island

Sometimes all you want to do when visiting Melbourne is to go to Phillip Island and see the Penguin Parade. Obviously, there are tours available where you can go with several other people and visit several other locations on your way to see the penguins. But if the idea of stopping along with different destinations on your way to Penguin Parade doesn’t suit your fancy, contact this website: http://thelittlepenguinbus.com.au/. They will set up a trip that will take you straight to the penguins.


Day tours are not the enemy


Now, this is not to diminish the value or benefits of those organized day tours. Big day tours are there for a reason. Imagine this: thousands of tourists visit a particular region every year, some of them for the first time, and they are looking to see everything the place has to offer. However, they can only stay for the weekend or just overnight.


This is where the “day tour” comes in. A guided day tour is arguably the most efficient way to allow visitors to see most (if not all) of the most popular tourist spots in a town, city, or province. If not for them, thousands of tourists would leave frustrated, and the places that rely heavily on tourism for their economy would suffer greatly.


Just the penguins, thanks!


However, there comes a time when you’ve seen it all or are just to busy to spend hours stopping by every single tourist spot during a tour when you’re only interested in visiting just one specific place. In this case, you might be in Melbourne and only have one thing in mind: to go see the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island.


Now, signing up for a big day tour can be an expensive proposition. It also means having to sit on a bus and travelling from one place to another to see as many tourist spots as your guide can take you to. This can make you feel you’re just wasting your time and money when all you want is to go straight to Phillip Island for the penguins.


If you’ve been nodding your head while reading this and thinking, “Yes, this is what I wanted!” then you’ll be glad to know there are tours that offer exactly what you want. Take a look at this website: http://thelittlepenguinbus.com.au/ and see what they can do to help you out.


What’s so great about the Penguin Parade, anyway?


The Penguin Parade is a world-famous experience that only Australia can offer, and millions of visitors would happily agree. This is what happens during the parade: every day at Summerland Beach, just as the sun is starting to set in the evening sky, the fairy penguins that call Phillip Island their home swim up from the sea onto the beach. From there, they waddle their way across the sandy shores towards the dunes where they rest for the night.


Visitors to Phillip Island are treated to a magnificent view of the entire event, as the penguins’ route takes them straight from the sea to the beach and past the viewing platforms on their way to their burrows in the dunes. The location of these platforms afford the visitors an incredible up-close-and-personal viewing encounter like no other. For curious onlookers, rangers are always on hand to assist and answer any questions.


If you’re interested in enjoying this amazing experience for yourself, we suggest contacting the people at http://thelittlepenguinbus.com.au/ for a different, more convenient, and more affordable tour.

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