Why you should take advantage of Kia service specials

Kia car owners know that vehicle upkeep requires preventive maintenance check to avoid damages. Technicians should inspect vehicles at certain intervals, so the car can run smoothly like how it did on the day it was first purchased. Some car owners, yet, complain that these regular service costs a lot. This is where Kia service specials come in.



What do you get when you have your vehicle serviced using these specials? Do you get less or more from such a service compared to a regular preventive maintenance package?



What are Kia service specials and where can you find these?



Dealerships offer service specials to establish a great after-sales engagement with their clients. They also to help vehicle owners keep their cars in tiptop condition. When looking for a regular car service Kia dealerships are offering, you might find that they offer oil changes, wheel alignments, AC inspections, and engine checks. On the other hand, specials often include services that are not part of the regular package, such as car cleaning, and free air filter checks. These give car owners more bang for their buck.



How to avail of these car maintenance specials



To get best one out of the many Kia service specials on the market, you need to locate reliable service centres. Some service centres offer to clean your car and detail it for free after your inspection. Meanwhile, others offer discounts on oil change and wheel balancing for each check-up. You can, of course, ask your favourite dealership for a list of their service specials first if you want them to continue maintaining your car. If you want to find the best deals, however, look for alternatives.



You can start your search by finding the closest Kia service center near you. This will allow you to start your search for the best maintenance deals from the nearest to the furthest. If you don’t know how to find these, you can always use the Kia Motors locate a service centre list on their Australia site. Once you’ve found the service centres nearest you, you can either call them or check their websites for information on their service specials.



Different dealerships, different service specials



Not all Kia dealerships offer the same specials when it comes to your preventive maintenance needs. Some offer discounts for one or two services. Meanwhile, others offer a discount for an entire maintenance check. There are also a few that offer freebies when you have specific services done by them to your car. For instance, if you have your oil checked and changed by them, you can get a free car wash or free detailing.



Final thoughts



The key to getting the most out of these service specials is to check which ones can give you the best offer at the time you need to have your vehicle serviced. Dealerships such as Toowong Kia in Brisbane have special perks for those who have their vehicles serviced by them. To find out what kinds of perks you can get, visit their site at


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