Top Tamil web series 2022 on aha

Top Tamil web series 2022 on aha

With the advent of digital content platforms in India, a new era of web series has begun. These web series are not only entertaining but also cater to a wide range of audiences.

Some of the most popular Tamil web series to watch on aha Here is a list of the most anticipated web series of 2022

  • Emoji

The Emoji show is all about modern-day relationships. The show even portrays how relationships can develop in a very short time and how they can go down so easily within no time. In addition, it represents freedom and independence. It is something that every young couple can relate to, and this is what makes the series even more interesting and attractive to the audience.

The series was created by Sen.S. Rangasamy and is a must-watch for every emoji lover. It is a great way to get acquainted with modern-day relationships and is a very entertaining watch.

  •  Kuthukku Pathu

The story starts by giving a love letter to a girl. A conflict occurs between the girl’s brother and the one who gave the letter. Soon, it turns into a fight between them, and the fight turns into a gang war. Between all this conflict, this series is filled with comedy and punch lines.

The characters in the series are very well-developed, and they all have unique personalities—an awesome series with a great story and a nice direction by Vijay Varadharaj.

  • Mad Company

The quirky web series is a refreshingly new take on an actor and his new start-up specialising in offering emotional assistance to people. It stars Prasanna and Kaniha in lead roles and has a genuine and relatable concept in the backdrop of the show’s narrative. Written and directed by Vignesh Vijayakumar, this web series is produced by Raja Ramamurthy.

The negative role essayed by SPB Charan is a highlight of the show. It tells how the character is constantly in conflict with the lead hero and how he tries to sabotage his efforts to build a new app that connects with different people. The superb acting and brilliant direction take the web series to new heights of success. No wonder the series is a hit with the aha viewers.

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