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What Family Law In Singapore Stands For Victim Of Violence

A lot of spouses nowadays are victims of violence inside the family. Some would agree to file a case against their spouse for this kind of maltreatment, while others decide to file a divorce. Who is the right person to talk with regarding divorce case matters? If you have a family lawyer and yet not specializing in family law, you must look for a family or divorce lawyer. Still looking for a divorce lawyer in Singapore? Check out The Singapore Lawyer.

File for divorce

Is filing a divorce with your spouse doing maltreatment right? Well, there is only one answer to that, file a divorce case. There are different grounds for divorce, in which maltreatment or violence falls under unreasonable behavior. Any wife or husband suffering from unreasonable behavior can file a divorce legally. Four grounds for divorce, unreasonable behavior is one of the worst actions that a spouse does.

Nobody wants to become a violent slave. Since you vowed to be together for better or for worse, in sickness and in health; nobody has the right to hurt or maltreatment, especially your spouse. If this happens, you may call for a divorce lawyer and state all your pains and sufferings inside the home. These are the right professionals to help you end up from these wrongdoings of your partner.

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Does filing a divorce need a lawyer?

There is no condition of getting a divorce lawyer when filing for divorce. But, a divorce lawyer can make the divorce case easy and fast to grant by the court. The lawyer will represent on your behalf to question the Defendant.

Plus, a divorce lawyer can help you find solid pieces of evidence that you are telling the truth. Anyone abused inside the home, either the husband or wife can get the justice deserved. The lawyer can contact a private investigator to help you gather pieces of evidence for the divorce case.

Is hiring a divorce lawyer costly?

The answer depends on how you can find an affordable divorce lawyer. With many law firms in Singapore, you might be puzzled about which firm has good and competent lawyers. But, the answer to this is to check the official pages of a law firm and read through the reviews. Clients who dropped reviews in the law firm help you determine if they have competent divorce lawyers.

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